With over 15 years experience of Detailing cars, Specialized in high quality restoration of your vehicles paintwork and interior at your home or work place by meticulously cleaning inch by inch to perfection and the most valuable prices you can afford. Using the finest products available from around the world. each product is carefully selected to suit your vehical. Making vip valeting the number one choice for mobile car valeting in the midlands. vip valeting speaks for itself with most work comeing from word of mouth or referrals from previous client whos cars we have cleaned and worked on. For light to heavy soiled interiors and also includes all charges. If you look in any car price guide you will see the difference between a car in poor condition  and one in exellent condition can run into thousands of pounds returning the vehicle to its near original condition can increase the value of the vehicle significantly while still being cost effective.




                                             8am to 8pm 7days aweek